2017 Protect Health Care

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By a margin of four votes, the House of Representatives voted May 4 to replace the Affordable Care Act with the American Health Care Act, a bill that will harm millions of Americans if it becomes law.

Now, the Senate has proposed a new version of the bill called the Better Care Reconciliation Act that, like the House version, fails to improve access to quality affordable healthcare for every American. In fact the bill would actually reduce access and increase costs for millions of Americans.

While the Affordable Care Act has room for improvement, any attempt to replace it must improve the quality of coverage and retain all existing consumer protections. The Better Care Reconciliation Act does neither.

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. Together, if we Unite our friends, family and co-workers and make our voices heard, we can turn this around before it's too late.

The American Health Care Act proposals will have a devastating impact on hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents, including:

Removal of protections for people with pre-existing conditions

States would be able to waive three key features of the ACA, resulting in the following:

  • People with pre-existing conditions can be charged higher premiums;

  • Health plans would not have to cover basic services, like maternity care;

  • Lifetime limits could be reinstated (this would also impact employer-funded plans);

High-risk pools (people with pre-existing conditions) would be underfunded by over $200 billion nationally

Even with a recent $8 billion addition to the bill, people with pre-existing conditions are at risk.

Elimination of Medicaid expansion

A bi-partisan effort led by Gov. Snyder led to an expansion of Michigan’s Medicaid system in 2013, creating coverage for hundreds of thousands of individuals. The American Health Care Act will eliminate these Medicaid expansions by removing all funding. In Michigan alone, 598,100 low-income residents will lose their health coverage.

Older Americans will pay more

AHCA will allow older consumers to be charged five times more for premiums than younger individuals. Tax credits will also be reduced, meaning that older Americans may be unable to afford the health coverage they need. In addition, 84 percent of people age 55-64 have pre-existing health conditions, which will also lead to higher rates and lifetime limits.

We need your help to ensure Michigan families have access to the quality care they need. Tell your legislators to vote NO on the AHCA! We can’t afford to go backward!